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National Health Partners, Inc., (NHPR.OB) is a national healthcare savings organization that provides discount healthcare membership programs to uninsured and underinsured people through a national healthcare savings network called “CARExpress.” CARExpress is one of the largest networks of hospitals, doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other healthcare providers in the country and is comprised of over 1,000,000 medical professionals that belong to such PPOs as CareMark and Aetna. The company’s primary target customer group is the 47 million Americans who have no health insurance of any kind. The company’s secondary target customer group includes the millions of Americans who lack complete health insurance coverage.

Oral cancer is a serious and deadly disease that affects millions of people. In fact, the Oral Cancer Foundation estimates that someone in the United States dies every hour of every day from oral cancer. Over 300,000 new cases of oral cancer are diagnosed every year, worldwide. This serious dental disease, which pertains to the mouth, lips or throat, is often highly curable if diagnosed and treated in the early stages.

National Health Partners’ CARExpress dental program gives you immediate savings. There are no limits to your visits and as a member of CARExpress you can save between 15% – 50% off your dental services through their participating network of 76,000 dentists and specialists nationwide including: General Dentists, Endodontists, Orthodontist, Periodontists, and Oral Surgeons.

National Health Partners, Inc., a leading provider of unique discount healthcare membership programs, announced that it has entered into agreement with a major Hispanic marketing group for the sale of its CARExpress programs. The company also sees growth in new sales of memberships of more than 300% thru the remainder of the year.

Under the new agreement, this national Hispanic marketing group will be promoting the company’s CARExpress discount healthcare membership program to Hispanic communities located across the United States, with particular focus on cities and regions containing a large number of Hispanics. With the previously announced plans to increase monthly sales by 75% with its newest and most successful marketing partner, the company now expects sales of new members to grow more than 300% thru the remainder of the year.

More about NHPR at www.nationalhealthpartners.com



Hospira, Inc. (NYSE:HSP), the world leader in generic injectable pharmaceuticals, announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of gemcitabine injection, a solution form of the drug. The solution presentations include 200 mg, 1 gm and 2 gm with a concentration of 38 mg/ml. The oncology medication had U.S. sales of more than $750 million in 2010, led by Eli Lilly’s Gemzar. Hospira expects to launch the product in early September.


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Hospira is the first company to offer gemcitabine in a solution formulation for the U.S. market. The solution formulation is designed to improve pharmacist convenience and handling safety. Its concentration is the same as the reconstituted strength of the available “freeze-dried” form. The solution versions, however, eliminate the need for reconstitution, improving workflow.

The approval follows the November 2010 launch of Hospira’s lyophilized, or freeze-dried formulation, gemcitabine HCL for injection – the first 2 gm presentation of the product – and the July 2011 launch of the standard freeze-dried formulation in 200 mg and 1 gm presentations. With the previous launches of the freeze-dried presentations, the company will offer the generic oncology drug in a range of strengths and forms for use.

Hospira’s specialty injectable pharmaceuticals (SIP) offering includes approximately 200 generic injectable drugs in many dosages and formulations. In addition, many of its products are available in popular differentiated presentations, several of which are proprietary, such as ADD-Vantage™ drug delivery system and iSecure™ prefilled syringes. Therapeutic segments include analgesia, anesthesia, anti-infectives, cardiovascular, oncology, emergency and other areas. Hospira also has robust pipelines of both generic and biosimilar drugs.

Hospira, Inc. is a global specialty pharmaceutical and medication delivery company dedicated to Advancing Wellness™. As the world leader in specialty generic injectable pharmaceuticals, Hospira offers one of the broadest portfolios of generic acute-care and oncology injectables, as well as integrated infusion therapy and medication management solutions. Through its products, Hospira helps improve the safety, cost and productivity of patient care. The company is headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., and has approximately 14,000 employees. Learn more at www.hospira.com.


Quepasa Corp. (AMEX:QPSA), owner of popular Latino online social network Quepasa.com and social game development studio Quepasa Games, recently announced that its first proprietary social gaming title — Wonderful City – Rio — reached 1.3 million installs in May across the Orkut and Quepasa.com platforms. Wonderful City – Rio invites users to build their own virtual Rio de Janeiro, adapting the popular city-building game concept for Latin American audiences, in line with the fast-follower strategy Quepasa is pursuing in the region. Quepasa launched the game in partnership with Mentez, the leading Latin American social games publishing and payment provider.

Quepasa Corp., through its Web site, Quepasa.com, operates as an online social community for young Hispanics. Quepasa.com provides users with access to an expansive, multilingual menu of resources that promote social interaction, information sharing, and other topics of importance to Hispanic users.


TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. (AMEX:TAT) recently announced its financial results for the three months ended March 31, 2011. The Company’s financial results are prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP, and the reporting currency is U.S. dollars. Selected Financial Highlights: Total revenues for the three months ended March 31, 2011 increased 160% to $32.2 million from $12.4 million for the three months ended March 31, 2010. The increase was the result of increased production in the Selmo oil field, additional production in the Arpatepe oil field and new production in the Thrace Basin gas fields. The increase was also due to the increase in the average price received for TAToil production. In addition, oilfield services revenue for the first quarter of 2011 increased 218% to $3.5 million from $1.1 million for the first quarter 2010.

TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd. engages in the acquisition, development, exploration, and production of crude oil and natural gas.


CAMAC Energy Inc. (AMEX:CAK) recently announced the appointment of Edward G. Caminos as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company, and the appointment of Alan W. Halsey as Senior Vice President, Exploration and Production, of the Company, effective. Mr. Caminos, 48, has been Chief Financial Officer of BPZ Resources, Inc. (“BPZ”), an independent oil and gas exploration and production company headquartered in Houston, Texas, since May 2007. From October 2006 until May 2007, Mr. Caminos served as BPZ’s Vice President – Finance and Chief Accounting Officer. Mr. Caminos served as BPZ’s interim Chief Financial Officer from June 2006 until October 2006 and as Corporate Controller of BPZ from January 2005 until October 2006.

CAMAC Energy Inc. engages in the exploration and production of oil and gas. Its operational assets are located in Nigeria and China. The company is based in Houston, Texas.


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